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6-Week Online Course

If you are like me, you probably love Latin music and getting your body moving in a fun way that also allows you to stay in shape and meet cool people.

I am sure that you know that dancing socially in the club is completely different than performing choreography on stage.  Although both are considered dancing and both are performing, stage dancing is about projecting and making lines to the audience whereas social dancing is about improvising, leading and following, and maintaining a connection to your partner. These are two completely different skills.

Dancing Salsa in the clubs, at a high level of proficiency, takes time and dedication, but if you are just taking random group classes and learning moves here and there, without any structure about how it all comes together when you are face to face with a partner in a club, then it will take you a very long time. It would be horrible if you get discouraged and even worse if you quit altogether! 

I have a Simple Solution to stop that from happening!

I have developed and tested my "6-Point Salsa Formula™" which is a new approach to social dancing,  guaranteed to get you dancing in the clubs in 6 weeks!  

I will teach you fundamentals and show you the grouping of every possible step into 6 categories that you will be able to transpose on the dance floor without tedious memorization or boring lifeless routines.

I have been teaching this formula in every one of my Salsa group classes for the past 8 years & I can guarantee that you will learn and incorporate this 6-Point Salsa Formula in a short time as many of my students have. See their testimonials below...

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Student Testimonials:

-Gibson B. 3/31/19:
"I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Josie. I have been taking classes with her for 6 months now and her 6-point Salsa formula works! Prior to Josie's instruction, I took classes at different studios and other instructors. I didn't think their teachings were of much value because at the end of the day the success of a teacher is measured by what a student can do. One thing is for certain, even though I was being taught moves and practiced I still could not lead a salsa dance to save my life. As a guy it is so important to have the confidence to lead a girl...." 

-Jessica B. 5/31/19:
"Hi Josie 😊 

I hope you guys are doing good !! I just wanted to tell you that I went to my first salsa class in Hamburg today. It was with Cesar S. and he even knew you 😄 not personally, but he said that you’re one of the world top dancers/

teachers and he was sooo impressed that I had classes with you. But let me tell you - it sucked !! Nobody had their heals together, the girls let their arm hanging, the guys weren’t in position and the routine was basically turning the lady as much and fast as you can lol no structure at all ! I’m so so lucky I had classes with you - so now I can look for a higher standard class here.. thanks for everything. I really appreciated the classes and everyone who’s taking classes with you can be soo soo lucky - it’s gonna be hard to find a teacher who’s close as good as you! Thanks for teaching me all the important stuff - I miss you guys a lot ! Lovely hugs from Hamburg. ☺️ P.s I keep you updated about my salsa experience here 😉" 

Stacey Porter 5/17/17:

"There are so many salsa teachers but Josie is one the best that one could take.  I have been told by many that I am good dancer. I owe most of that to Josie.  Her classes helped me learn.  In addition to teaching you how to dance, she teaches you moves that you could use in the club.  As an extra benefit, she dances with her students.  

As the result of taking her classes, I not only became a better dancer. I expanded my circle of friends because I have met a lot of new friends both guys and girls.  Though I don’t go dancing to meet ladies, I have dated some beautiful ladies that I may not have met if I did not dance.  

I recommend everyone to take Josie’s classes because it will change your life. Not only will you meet people but you would get a chance to dance and hang out with Josie.  Your goal first should be to learn how to dance, but don’t surprised if you meet someone special.

In closing as a sad but positive note, my spouse passed away earlier this year.  Josie’s classes and events helped me cope through those hard times."

-Stacey Porter

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